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Where Can I Download Toshiba Windows CD-ROM Drivers?

Toshiba has createa a variety of different CD-ROM drives. The following information is unlikely to be comprehensive. On the other hand, the odds that you actually need a Windows device driver for a Toshiba CD-ROM (as opposed to CD-RW, or DVD burner) are pretty small -- you're probably running a version of Windows that can handle old Toshiba CD-ROM drives right out of the box. You might need a driver if you're trying to use that old CD-ROM from DOS, though.

Identify Your CD-ROM

To obtain the correct up-to-date Windows device driver, you'll want to know precisely who made your CD-ROM and which model number it is. One way to do this is to look at the Windows Device Manager. Exactly how you locate the Device Manager depends on what version of Windows you're using (and even how it's configured).

You would typically open up the Windows Control Panel and start the System applet. Under Windows 95/98/ME, you would then click on the "device manager" tab to see the Device Manager. Under Windows NT/2000/XP, after you start the System applet, you want to select the "Hardware" tab and then press the "Device Manager" button. If you then click on the "+" beside the icon for your CD-ROM, it should display the make and model of your CD-ROM drive.

Finding Toshiba CD-ROM Windows Drivers

Once you know the make and model of your drive, you can start Googling for the up-to-date device drivers. One place to go is

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