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How Much Data Can a CD Hold?

Find out exactly how many bytes of usable data on a recordable CD (different for CD-RW?) Look for algorithm for calculating whether X files of Y bytes will fit on a recordable CD or not.

The quick answer is that a recordable CD (CD-R or CD-RW) has about 600MB of space.

How Much File Space is on a CD?

Suppose that you have 10 files, each of them ???KB large. The total size of this group of files (???) is less than the number of bytes a recordable CD can hold, if you tried to back them up to a CD, you would discover that they won't fit on one CD.

The problem is that some space on a recordable CD is "wasted" on housekeeping. For example, for each file, the CD has to keep track of the name of that file, how large it is, where it is located on the disc, and so on. That's why you have to allow for a little "slop" when estimating whether a group of files can be successfully backed up onto a single CD.

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